Zara Tindall 'pleased' she didn't have a royal title

Zara Tindall is "so pleased" she didn't have a royal title, according to Philip Tindall, her husband Mike's father.

Although Zara and her brother, Peter Phillips, were the first grandchildren of the Queen they were never given an HRH title, because their father, Captain Mark Phillips, declined the monarch's offer of an earldom. This meant that Princess Anne's children would not be entitled to a noble title.

Philip Tindall told the Sunday Times, that the royal has always been happy about the decision as it's mean they can lead a more normal life, adding that they were able to have a close-knit group of friends.

The couple who married in 2011, and have two children - Mia, six, and Lena, two, have a good group of friends that they "can be sure of" and "trust and rely on completely".

The Daily Mail reported that Philip Tindall, revealed that Mike's maternal grandmother had not approved of the marriage when it was announced by Buckingham Palace. She feared that the family would be shunned for not being of royal stock.

The couple represent a number of charities and good causes close to their hearts, such as including Parkinson's UK.