Indian police ban 'superstitious' ritual of lowering babies into wells

Video and story from Newsflare

Indian police in Haveri, Karnataka have banned the ritual of lowering infants into wells. Footage shows one baby being lowered into a deep well at a place of worship named a 'dargah.'

The dargah official who is lowering the infant into the well on the cradle, speaking in Urdu, tells the parents to, "get a good glimpse of the baby inside the well before pulling it up."

Local residents believe that the ritual makes babies stronger and protects them from evil in the future, while others believe it to be 'superstitious.'

Upon this footage being circulated by local media local law enforcement banned the ritual and implemented security measures to prevent the ritual from continuing.

Dargahs are used in the Islam world to worship saints and to pay respect to deceased individuals. A local reporter explained that dargahs "usually draw followers from all religious communities, not just Muslims."

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