Daredevil hangs from ledge of London skyscraper

Story and video from SWNS

This is the heart-stopping moment a teenage daredevil pretends to throw himself over the edge of a 180 metre-high (590 feet) balcony.

Adam Lockwood, 19, has been skilfully free-climbing buildings in the UK and Europe for the last two years, reaching heights of almost 200 metres without any equipment.

But his latest, exhilarating prank saw him head up to the top floor of 53-storey apartment block The Madison, in Canary Wharf, central London - where he pretended to fall off the balcony.

The video clip, shows Adam calmly sitting on the balcony edge, 182 metres high (597 feet), looking out over central London and the River Thames below him.

A second later, Adam suddenly launches himself off the balcony from his sitting position, quickly spinning round to grab the balcony edge, and is left dangling over the other side.

The teen, from Manchester, then looks up at the camera and declares, "I'm a bit brave today", before hoisting himself back up and over on to the balcony to safety.

'I just decided to go for it'

Warehouse worker Adam said: "I do this sort of thing quite a lot - I don't even get adrenaline from it anymore. "I love looking over the edge - that's the best part.

"I just went up there on Tuesday with about eight of my mates, and everyone was just doing their own thing, and I just decided to go for it."

Adam's free-climbing has also taken him to France and to Spain, where he has climbed Europe's tallest hotel, the Gran Hotel Bali in Benidorm, which stands at 186 metres high (600 feet).

In March this year, Adam travelled to the Spanish city of Barcelona, where he climbed the 154-metre Arts Hotel - in order to watch his friend, world-famous free-climber Alain Roberts, scale the 144-metre Agbar Tower next door.

Adam says he is looking forward to being able to go travelling again after Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, so he can free-climb more buildings in Europe.

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