The dynamic mother and son pole-dancing duo

This mother and son share the love for an unlikely hobby. They both love pole-dancing and want to encourage others to give it a go.

When Mark Mclauchlan's acrobatic career was cut short due to injury, his mother knew just what to do.

Robyn, his mum, introduced Mark to the world of 'pole' and he hasn't looked back since. He now competes professionally and has a string of second and third place titles under his belt.

Despite living 1,000 miles apart in Australia, the dynamic duo find the time to train together via video calls.

Mark hopes to dispel the myth that pole-dancing is the preserve of exotic club dancers.

"I can understand why men may feel hesitant to try pole-dancing when all the stereotypes say it is either a girly thing or a stripper thing".

"It can be what every you want it to be".

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