Magpies turn tables on stalking cat

Story and video from SWNS

A postman was stunned when he filmed a scaredy-cat being bullied by two bolshy magpies.

David Archibald, 53, was on his way to work when he spotted the ginger moggie being hen-pecked by the angry birds.

He filmed the petrified puss before it ran off with its tail between its legs in Corby, Northants.

The video shows the ginger cat sneaking up on an unsuspecting magpie which was perched on a road sign. However, the tables are quickly turned when the bird aggressively chases off the startled cat, with another magpie joining in.

David, a dad-of-one, said: "I could see the cat was sneaking up on it, so to speak, doing the little crawl along by the kerb. The magpie turned around and clocked it.

"I couldn't get my phone out quick enough but I managed to capture the bit afterwards. Basically, the magpie got down on the floor and started chasing the cat and then it was backed up by another magpie. They managed to chase it away."