A lockdown shopaholic turns delivery boxes into cars for her cat

Story and video from SWNS

A locked down shopaholic has been transforming her delivery boxes into cars for her CAT - including an ambulance and the Jurassic Park jeep.

Jen Prior, 29, and her boyfriend marketing manager Niall Sullivan, 31, have entertained themselves with online shopping.

After noticing their cat Toltex enjoyed playing inside the boxes, they began to turn them into cars for their pet to play in.

Jen has made a tank, a Jurassic Park jeep and even an ambulance to thank key workers.

The greeting card designer from Bracknell, Berkshire, said: "Because I was bored in quarantine, I got really into TikTok - I loved seeing all the silly cat and dog videos on there.

"I saw a really funny video of a cat walking down a runway with some little sunglasses on.

"My sister tagged me in an article on Facebook of people so bored in quarantine, they've been making cardboard tanks for their cats out of cardboard boxes.

"So she tagged me in that saying 'you should make one for you cat' - that's how it started.

"We've ordered so much stuff online since quarantine. We've got quite a few boxes around.

"T absolutely loves cardboard boxes anyway - when I'm working inside on my dining table, if I've got a cardboard box, he'll just jump in it.

"He absolutely loves it - he falls asleep in them."

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