Husky puppy ransacks owner's cupboards

Story and video from SWNS

This hilarious video shows a husky puppy ransacking the cupboards in her owner's kitchen.

Alina Gritcenko filmed her friend's dog a- one-and-a half-year-old Husky named Lilu.

The pair speculate that because Lilu grew up with cats she has a talent for sneaking around and making a mess.

Alina, 24 from Los Angeles said: ''The video was taken a few weeks ago in my friends apartment.

''We planted a camera in the kitchen because Lilu made a mess before and we weren't sure how.

"She grew up with a cat so we think that's where she's getting her skills from.

''She was looking for her treats, but clearly got into the wrong cabinet.

"When the owner came home she was still stuck on the counter because she was scared to jump off of it.

''I'm a dog trainer myself so now I'm helping my friend to train Lilu and we are hoping one day she'll be as well behaved as my own dog."

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