Elephant scratches an itch in comical fashion

Story and video from SWNS

This oddly satisfying video shows a female rescued elephant scratching every inch of herself on a tree in comical fashion

The 58-year-old Asian elephant, named Cartoon, obviously loves feeling fresh as she scratches the thick mud off herself.

Fiona Hardie, from social media platform Elephant Stories with Fiona, shot the footage at the new Samui Elephant Sanctuary (SES), in Koh Samui, Southern Thailand.

Australian-born Fiona, who now lives in Hong Kong, said: "Other than feeling pure joy, for me, it's really thinking about how Cartoon must have felt.

"I believe elephants have the presence of mind to understand their situation. I love that she can just be an elephant, just how it should be."

Cartoon was rescued from a working life giving rides to tourists and will live out her retirement - Cartoon could live to 80 - in comfort at the Sanctuary.

Fiona added: "I love this video. It highlights that elephants should be chain free, saddle free and free to do what they want. I hope more people can support truly ethical homes for elephants.

"I support ethical elephant sanctuaries. It gives me the opportunity to witness natural behaviour by observing them, for example, watching them scratch.

"Every elephant has a story. I love to share this in the hope we can all understand more about these sentient animals.

"I sincerely hope people will eventually boycott venues promoting riding, bathing or watching them perform."

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