Three young siblings cycle marathon in garden to raise money for NHS

Three young siblings have completed a marathon by cycling hundreds of laps around their garden, all to raise money for the NHS.

Amy, Archie and Jack Brown, aged, 12, nine and seven respectively, spent over five-and-a-half hours completing the challenge in their garden in Gosforth, near Newcastle, on Saturday.

“It was tiring and hard because the weather was hot, but the motivation for doing something to help the NHS kept me going,” Amy told the PA news agency.

“I enjoyed cycling and would do it again to help the nurses and doctors,” added Jack.

The family said they particularly appreciate the work of the NHS due to the time they have spent in the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle, as a result of a disability Amy was born with.

The journey took the three siblings hundreds of laps (Oliver Hodgson/PA)

“We are extremely proud of the kids showing such compassion for others and wanting to help in their own way,” mother Alison Brown said.

“Thank you to Amy, Archie and Jack for doing the miles and thank you all those workers keeping the country going.”

“The kids see cycling round the garden as nothing compared to the efforts of the front line workers.”

The three children measured the distance with gadgets on the front of their bikes, with the journey equating to 262 laps of their homemade 0.1 mile circuit.

So far the children have raised over £800 on their JustGiving page for NHS Charities Together.

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