Baby orangutan cries after being rescued

Story and video from SWNS

This is the moment a baby orangutan cried as he was rescued from being kept in a cage - for three months. The young ape, named Batis, was held by a man who claimed he found him on the edge of the forest where he was working in Borneo, Indonesia.

The worker claimed he heard a strange noise and found a baby orangutan all alone without its mother and after waiting for several hour decided to take the ape home.

Rescuers from International Animal Rescue said the animal was kept in a "dirty" 80cm by 50cm wooden cage - and not let out for three months.They claim the man fed the orangutan white rice, papaya and sugar cane and gave it coffee and water to drink.

An incredible video shows the animal wailing as it is pulled into safety while clinging to his rescuer's body. Batis can later be seen gulping down fluids and the six-month-old was reported to be in good condition.

The ape has now been placed in an eight-week quarantine, but it is hoped he will soon join other orangutans at the IAR Indonesia's Orangutan Rescue and Conservation Centre in Sungai Awan, Ketapang.

IAR Indonesia programme director, Karmele L Sanchez said: "The keeping of wild animals as pets should no longer happen.

"In addition to threatening the preservation of wildlife, irresponsible behaviour like this also risks endangering humans with diseases that may be carried by wildlife.

"It is time to stop keeping wild animals captive, both orangutans and other animals that should remain in the forest.

"People who find or see orangutans and other wildlife in a place where they don't belong should immediately report it to the authorities.

"The orangutan was rescued from a hamlet in Hulu Sungai District, Ketapang Regency, on April 17.