Parents reveal these are the toughest questions they’ve answered from their children

Story and video from SWNS

Parents field 468 difficult questions from their kids each year, according to new research and with parents likely to be home with their families during the day, respondents might be facing more tough questions from inquisitive kids than they would be otherwise.

The poll of 2,000 parents with children aged 2-12 found — in this "new normal" — respondents are creatively responding to 39 hard-to-answer questions per month.

The study, conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with online retailer Zulily, aimed to explore how parents handle difficult questions from their children.

"Is Santa real?" and "Where do babies come from?" were discovered to be the two most commonly asked questions — but other questions veered toward larger issues, like the environment.

Of mums surveyed, 28% have had their kids ask them why they have to recycle, while nearly a quarter (22%) of those studied said their kids have asked them what being "green" means.

When answering these hard-hitting questions, nearly half (44%) of mums studied revealed they've had to Google the answer before responding and despite being stumped, many mums (43%) stated they are proud of their kids when they ask these difficult questions — because it shows kids are deeply interested in the world around them, especially during these dynamic times.

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