Uplifting news: Neighbourly handwritten letters and an applause for the PM

A 93-year-old man and his five-year-old neighbour have become unlikely friends, while the country will gather together in applause for Boris Johnson to wish him well in hospital.

Here is a look at some of Tuesday’s more uplifting stories you might have missed.

– A 93-year-old man and his five-year-old neighbour have written letters to each other during lockdown

A 93-year-old man who lives alone has sent a handwritten thank you to a five-year-old neighbour who wrote to check in on him.

Ron, a grandfather from the West Midlands, said he was “so pleased” to receive the correspondence from Kirah, whose family he had only ever seen in passing before the letter.

“I have drawn you a rainbow to remind you that you are not alone. Please write back if you can. From your neighbour at number 9,” wrote Kirah.

Ron sent a response to Kirah telling her he was “keeping well so far”.

“I thought your drawing of the rainbow was amazing and I am going to place it in my window for people to see.”

– Well-wishers will applaud the Prime Minister as he recovers in hospital

Members of the public have been creating ‘get well soon’ cards for the Prime Minister after he was admitted to intensive care on Monday.

A round of applause has also been organised for 8pm on Tuesday, with #ClapForBoris trending on Twitter.

The gesture follows nationwide rounds of applause for NHS workers on the frontline fighting the spread of coronavirus.

Health minister for patient safety Nadine Dorries tweeted: “Boris is the most relentlessly positive person anyone could meet and would be so touched by such an uplifting gesture for him and every patient in ICU struggling to beat this awful disease.”

– A care home has put children’s messages of support on a billboard

Messages of support
Messages of support on a billboard (Huntington and Langham/PA)

A care home has put children’s messages of support on a billboard to spread cheer around the local community.

The Huntington and Langham Estate in Hindhead, Surrey, recently put out a request for artwork and other examples of creativity from local children to help raise residents’ spirits.

Seven-year-old Faith Wakeford, whose great-grandmother lives at Huntington House, produced the artwork that said: “We want to ceep you safe!”

Director of Huntington and Langham Estate Charlie Hoare said: “Amidst the many wonderful messages of support, Faith’s in particular stood out. Our residents, whilst holding up well at present, are facing hardship having had to miss out on seeing relatives and leaving the home.

“Faith’s words summed it up, these restrictions are about keeping them safe.”

– The Duchess of Cornwall has thanked thousands of volunteers

The Duchess of Cornwall
The Duchess of Cornwall (Clarence House/PA)

The Duchess of Cornwall has thanked thousands of volunteers who will report for duty to help the NHS through the coronavirus crisis.

As more than 750,000 people, three times the original target, signed up to join the “volunteer army”, Camilla checked in on an elderly woman who was self-isolating.

The duchess, who has been reunited with the Prince of Wales after coming out of self-isolation herself, chatted on the phone to Doris Winfield, 85, from Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, who has spent the last two weeks self-isolating.

While Ms Winfield has three daughters who she regularly speaks to, she lives alone and misses her friends and the active social life she used to enjoy.

Camilla said the most difficult thing about being in isolation was not being able to hug her grandchildren.

– Nicola Sturgeon was invited to tea by an 11-year-old during a coronavirus Q&A

‘Why can I not see my granny?’ 👵‘When can I see my friends again?’ 👋This a difficult time for kids & they have lots of questions! Here the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, answers their questions about #coronavirusSee the full Q&A at 👉 https://t.co/U5EjB25AiNpic.twitter.com/Ln7syqAeZK

— Parent Club Scotland (@parentclubscot) April 7, 2020

An 11-year-old girl has invited Nicola Sturgeon for tea and cake once the coronavirus pandemic is over, as Scotland’s First Minister answered questions from children about the virus.

Ms Sturgeon told Dylan she would love to visit once the crisis had passed, and revealed Tunnock’s caramel wafers were her “favourite biscuit”.

Parent Club, an online information hub for parents in Scotland, invited children to send in their questions and concerns by video to the First Minister.

Dylan asked the First Minister: “Who’s taking care of your mental health, and once this is all over would you like to come over for a cup of tea and a piece of cake?”

Ms Sturgeon replied: “When all of this is over I would love to come for a cup of tea and a piece of cake or maybe a Tunnock’s caramel wafer, which I can tell you is my favourite biscuit.”

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