Lambs spotted enjoying a deserted playground during coronavirus lockdown

Video and story from SWNS

This adorable video shows a flock of lambs getting their daily exercise on a kids' roundabout.

The animals are seen hopping onto the playground favourite and running on the spot as it spins beneath them.

Hairdresser Debbie Ellis, 52, captured the footage in a field attached to her home in Preston, Lancashire.

The mother-of-three said: "We have a field that belongs to us by our house and we let it to a guy who keeps sheep in there as a hobby.

Lambs on roundabout
Lambs on roundabout

"We have a roundabout there from when my kids were little, my youngest is now 15-years-old so it shows how long it's been there.

"Luckily the roundabout is in great working order so they do love to jump on and have a go.

"I'm not sure how they've worked out how to do it but they look like they're having a great time.

Lambs on roundabout
Lambs on roundabout

"They can get on and off when they please so nobody needs to worry that they're stuck.

"It's a wonderful funny sight that I get to see when I bob into my garden for a bit of fresh air."