Woman struggles to hold bicycle due to strong winds

A woman in Wellington, New Zealand, has been filmed struggling to stop her bicycle flying away in remarkably strong winds.

Luzelle Jooste, who captured the video, told the NZ Herald her family were travelling to the airport when gale force winds prompted them to pull over.

"We saw the waves were quite big and we could feel the ute shake a bit more than usual," Luzelle said.

"So we decided to stop and as we pulled over our mirror flipped forward ... we are used to the wind already, but this was just next level."

Luzelle's brothers got out of the vehicle to experience the gusts first-hand when they came across the struggling cyclist.

"I just started the video as soon as she turned into the shot and my husband his brother were trying to help her with her bike," Luzelle added.

"My laugh, oh my goodness, I didn't realise at the time ... and I had my kids in the car and they're like 'it's so funny'."

Eventually, they ended up taking the woman in their vehicle as one of the brothers rode the bike.