Traveller went from 'skint student' to earning £30k a month selling nudes online

A global jet-setter has revealed how she went from being a "skint student" to earning over £30,000 a month virtually overnight.

By quitting her degree in international relations to sell nude pictures and saucy videos of herself online, Kaya Cobridge, rakes in 12 times the average UK wage.

At just 23 she know owns her own house outright in Lancashire and holidays to far-flung locations around the world, like Bali and Australia.

Kaya's lifestyle is possible because she sells pictures and videos of herself n a subscription website, called OnlyFans.

The 23-year-old's fans pay a subscription for access to images that range from naked shots to pictures of her feet.

Ms Cobridge said: "I set it up and forgot about it for a while, a few days later I uploaded a bikini shot to see what happened.

"When I woke up the next day I checked my account and I had made £250 overnight."

Some of her fans gift Kaya items through the website, everything from getting her nails painted to trips to the dentist.

Kaya's loved ones are fully supportive of her work and she says she has no plans to stop what she does anytime soon.