Passengers argue onboard delayed Ryanair flight at London Stansted Airport

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Angry passengers on Ryanair flight
Angry passengers on Ryanair flight

A passenger on a delayed flight has captured an argument between angry fellow travellers.

Sakib Ahmed was onboard a Ryanair flight that was facing hours of delays at London Stansed Airport.

The video was posted to Twitter and shows one man appearing to yell at another group of three men, who seemed to be upset about the delays.

Once the passengers were able to board the plane, they were already delayed by three hours, and were then told by the flight crew that they would need to wait longer due to French Air Traffic Control strikes.

Ahmed told Storyful that the three passengers featured in the video who are engaging in an argument with another man were drinking alcohol before the plane took off, and once the news of further delays was delivered from the cockpit, tensions rose.

"This caused the plane atmosphere to be a lot more angry naturally and those three passengers that were intoxicated kept swearing and shouting abuse to the air hostess."

"Another passenger got angry and kept shouting at them and there were back and forth rows throughout the flight."

After several hours of frustrating delays, the plane eventually left the tarmac and was on its way to Malaga.

"It Felt like the longest flight of my life," Ahmed said.