Practical tips to overcome your fear of flying

If it helps, understand that you are more likely to be injured in a car accident than a plane crash!

But if your fear of flying sneaks up in the middle of a flight, British Airways captain Steve Allright has some advice for you.

He shared the following tips with the website Travel and Leisure:

  • Breathe: "When you feel anxious, hold your breath, then a long deep breathe in, followed by a long deep breath out. Continue long deep breathing. Combine the deep breath in with a muscle contraction. Clenching your buttocks is most effective, as it overrides other nervous signals going up and down your spinal cord."

  • Time Management: "Split a long flight up into half hour sections. Go with a plan of things to do, perhaps things you never get round to. Write a letter, watch a film, read a book, eat a meal."

  • Visualisation: Instead of thinking about the flight as it's happening imagine yourself "stepping off the aircraft into the arms of loved ones, or into a lovely warm climate, or into a successful business meeting".

  • Talk It Out: "Let the cabin crew know if you're a nervous flyer, and feel free to ask questions if you are concerned about anything that happens during the flight. Your safety and comfort are their highest priority, and they will contact the pilots if they are unable to answer your questions."

More in our video above.