This is what the shape of your feet says about your personality

Everyone seems to have slightly different shaped feet, but there are some overall commonalities when it comes to the relative length of toes.

Therefore, over the years different shapes have been linked to certain personality traits. Is it scientific? No. Is it fun to see if they're correct anyway? Well, yes, that's why you're reading this. Enjoy!

The Square Foot

- Also known as 'Peasant Foot', where the length of the toes, including big toe, is almost the same.

- Likes to think and examine every decision, weighing things up the positive and negative

- Usually very practical, reliable and therefore dependable.

The Flame Foot

- Also known as 'Fire Foot' or 'Greek Foot', it features a longer second toe than the rest of the toes.

- Often active and sporty

- Creative and enthusiastic

- Good at encouraging and motivate those around them.

- Also impulsive, which can lead to stress.

The Common Foot

- Also known as the 'Roman Foot' where the first three toes (including the big one) are similar in length.

- Associated with a well-proportioned body shape.

- Often gregarious and social.

- Enjoys learning and exploring and welcomes new experiences

The Egyptian Foot

- All the toes are perfectly aligned in a diagonal.

- Rather private but can be rebellious

- Often changes mood.

- Quite impulsive.