Paralysed woman finds soulmate on dating app

Paralysed Woman Finds Soulmate On Dating App

Doctors told her she would never be able to breathe, speak or eat on her own – but Alyssa has been proving doubters wrong since the day she was born.

Alyssa's spine was broken during her birth when doctors were forced to "keep pulling her out" whilst using forceps.

Her spinal cord shattered and because of this and other complications, Alyssa is now wheelchair-bound and will be on a ventilator for the rest of her life.

Paralysed Woman Finds Soulmate On Dating App

Despite the inevitable hardship this has brought on, Alyssa, from New York, describes her "biggest achievement" as marrying her partner, Jimmy.

Jimmy now helps Alyssa every day with physical chores and activities, whilst in return, Alyssa has helped Jimmy to understand the true meaning of positive thinking and mental strength.

See their story in the video above.

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