My 600lb lion could attack me at any moment

A family of wildlife enthusiasts have taken animal conservation into their own hands – by caring for more than 13 lions and cheetahs.

Barry Kerr runs the Wildlife Animal Rescue programme in Gauteng, South Africa, assisted by his wife Gretel and daughter, Kristen.

The three of them spend their days interacting with animals that have previously been mistreated or injured, including the likes of cheetahs, caracals, hyenas, wildebeest and meerkats.

Barry, as the 'leader of the pride', is the only person on site who works with the lions due to their size and potential danger – with the largest male, Sam, weighing just under 600lbs.

Barry has to be extra careful and considerate when reading Sam's body language, but most of the time, that doesn't hamper his objective of making sure his animals are enriched and well looked after.