Bad habits stopping you from losing belly fat

There are five bad habits you should rid yourself of if you want to lose belly fat, according to Ohmymag.

When we're stuck in a routine, we often don't realise that some of our small habits might be stretching our waistlines.

No matter how hard we try to embrace ourselves, sometimes, we need to make some changes to our daily habits!

Eating well-cooked food is one such habit. Cooked foods are often thought to promote better digestion. Well, that's false! It's important to do less "thorough" cooking and more mild cooking, such as steaming. This preserves all the nutrients in the food. For pasta, it is best to cook it al dente so it doesn't turn into quick carbs, and subsequently fat that will be stored in the belly.

Watch the above video to discover which other habits you need to quit.

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