One of Britain's oldest milkmen still delivering morning pints aged 85

One of Britain's oldest milkmen is still leaving pints on doorsteps at the age of 85 after delivering on the same round - for the past 70 years.

Tony Moulds still gets up at 6am six days a week to drop off milk to 40 households around the village he began delivering to as a 15-year-old boy in 1950.

He would take milk straight from the cow round to homes in Holcot, Northants, using a bucket and a ladle and charge customers two-and-a-half pence.

Seven decades later, Tony is still doing the same round after clocking up 65,000 miles around the village and dropping off an estimated million pints of milk.

'It's doing something I've always done and it's become a habit'

Grandfather-of-four Tony, who also delivers newspapers to all of the homes he takes milk to, says he has no plans to retire yet.

"I want to keep going. It's doing something I've always done and it's become a habit," he said.

"A lot of people have moved out of the village, but I've been delivering to some people for 40 years and one girl for all of my life.

"I like the company and it gets me out. I've never had a problem getting up in the morning. I'm a morning person and still fit. I get up at 5.27am.

"When I started I walked the couple of miles around the village with a bucket and ladle. I'd pour it into people's jugs. A pint cost two-and-a-half pence. Since 1953, when milk had to be in sealed bottles, I drove a van and I now sell a pint for 83p."

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