The world’s first ‘self-cleaning’ jumper has been unveiled

The world's first 'self-cleaning' jumper has been unveiled - just in time for Christmas parties.

The high tech clothing rejects liquids and spills, and does not need to be washed for up to a month.

Liquid bounces off the surface of the clothing, made from polyester, without staining it.

Hopes are high it could be one of the most sustainable items of clothing ever invented.

Entrepreneur Varun Bhanot, 29, said: "We created a jumper and a hoodie range that repels liquids, dirts, sweats and odours, because you never really know what's going to happen on any given day.

"You could spill your coffee, spill some water, or maybe you're at a party and you might spill some wine down your jumper.

"You could wear it in the gym, or you could go out and about in it for more than a month and you probably wouldn't even need to wash it.

"After more than a year of experimentation, prototyping and fabric development we've created what we think could be the world's first set of self-cleaning clothing."

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