Doorbell cam captures moment Amazon deliveryman forgets to put the handbrake

This is the moment an Amazon delivery driver was forced to chase after his van - after he forgot to put the handbreak on.

Doorbell camera footage shows him casually stroll up to a front door to put a package through the letterbox - while his white van rolled away behind him.

After around 15 seconds - which he spent looking down at his phone - the Amazon employee suddenly realised, and ran after his van.

He managed to climb into the front seat before closing the door behind him - and then drove off to his next destination.

Incident with Amazon van
Incident with Amazon van

Astonished homeowners David and Charlotte Creagh "creased up" with laughter when they watched the CCTV footage back that night.

Charlotte, 34, was at home in their living room in West Raynham, Norfolk, as the bizarre event unfolded.

IT worker David, 35, said: "I was welling up with laughter, I thought it was absolutely hilarious!

"Charlotte was laughing so much she even wet herself, but I was besides myself - I just couldn't believe my eyes to be honest!

"My wife actually thought it was our next door neighbour at first, because they also have a white vehicle - and the guy had parked it outside theirs.

"So when she heard the package fall through the letterbox, and then saw the deliveryman run past the window, she put two and two together!

"Charlotte called me while I was at work, and I didn't think much of it at first.

"But when I got home that evening, we realised the Ring doorbell would have recorded it - so we had a look to see what'd happened.

"I think it's one of the funniest things I've seen in ages!"

An Amazon spokesperson said: "Safety is Amazon's number one priority.

"We have worked with our delivery service provider which has investigated the matter and provided training to the driver."