Family lives with 100 wild animals

A dad-of-three keeps over 100 native animals in his private zoo home in Mount Egerton, Australia.

Michael Church founded wildlife education company The Rookeepers in 2012. Since then The Rookeepers have grown to become a recognised name in ecological learning across Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Michael's goal is to connect children and adults alike with nature and encourage more sustainable ways of living.

The mobile zoo is home to a wide range of Australian native animals including reptiles, birds, mammals and marine life.

Michael's daughters, zookeepers Yarra, 2, and Zali, 3, are huge wildlife enthusiasts and help their dad to look after the animals.

Michael said: "They're always a part of it and I try to get them as involved as possible because I think connections with animals and kids at a young age is really important."

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