How to handle the heat and enjoy spicy foods

Want to expand your palate and painlessly enjoy spicy foods? Try these three tips.

1. Build your tolerance

2. Use the right coolants

3. Slow down

Watch the above video for more.

Unusual foods from around the world
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Unusual foods from around the world
Caucasian young male eating cricket at night market in Thailand. Eating insect concept
delicious fried black scorpion in chopstick
Cambodia, Young woman eating fried tarantula spiders
Close-Up Of Baby Octopus On Sticks
Sushi donuts set on black background. Sushi trend. Creative food. Flat lay, top view
Fried crickets for sale, piled high on a bowl, in a market at Skuon, near Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tradition Thailand saussage from northeast.
Dried persimmons are representative Japanese fruits, dried persimmons peeled off. When going to the countryside in Japan, in the autumn we encounter a landscape with dried persimmons.
Fresh Boiled Octopus in Palermo Ballaro fish Market
Lamb skewers in street,Kashgar,Xinjiang,China
Dim Sum
Lok-Lok steamboat stall at the Kimberly Street Food Market, George Town, Penang, Malaysia.
a close-up shot of a famous taiwanese street food - snails being grilled - at Jiufen, Ruifang district, Taiwan, Asia
Fish at local Tsukiji fish market, Tokyo, Japan
Barbecue at an estancia in Patagonia, Chile. A traditional asado at a ranch.
Hands holing Cuban dish in a banana leaf
Seeds and tubers in bowls at market
Dried fruits for sale in one of the many narrow alleys in the Fes Medina.
Coloradito mole is more like a red mole sauce from Oaxaca state in Mexico, Mole coloradito is a classic sauce for chicken, made a rich reddish color by several wonderful mild chiles mixed with melted Mexican chocolate, traditionally mole is very labor intensive, reserved for special occasions. Coloradito mole is a typical dish in the ​southern part of the country of Mexico and is a delicious traditional dish.

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