My husband doesn't have a 'fat fetish'

My husband doesn't have a 'fat fetish'

A young couple say they fight prejudice and assumptions the husband is 'a chubby chaser' just because of the difference in size between them.

Dalreece has had a fuller figure for all her adult life, while husband Jarreth has always been on the lean side.

The couple, from outside of Cape Town, South Africa, had never heard of the expression 'inter weight' but have had to get used to looks and sly comments when out in public.

In spite of the judgement they face, the deeply-in love couple don't see themselves as different from any other couple.

They first met three years ago via dating app Tinder.

After matching on the app, Dalreece and Jarreth started regularly messaging back and forth and eventually made plans to meet up in real life. Conscious of her size, Dalreece had only posted photos of her face on Tinder, so she sent Jarreth a full-length photo of herself, worried he wouldn't want to date her anymore.

But for Jarreth, Dalreece's size didn't even come into it.

See more of their story in the video above.

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