'I am a masterpiece', says Plus-Size Divas host

'I am a masterpiece', says Plus Size Divas host
'I am a masterpiece', says Plus Size Divas host

A fearless body positive influencer has returned with a new movement celebrating big, bold and beautiful women.

Carmen Rene, 31, is the co-host of the Plus-Size Divas, an LA-based weekly talk show promoting body acceptance and self-love.

Carmen featured on the Shake My Beauty series in 2018, where she embraced her curves and her lymphedema.

"I had so many people message and comment saying they saw me on Barcroft, and that they had lymphedema and had never seen anybody who looked like them."

"It gave them the courage and confidence to feel safe and feel loved."

Carmen developed lymphedema as a child, causing extreme swelling to her legs, ankles and feet due to a compromised lymphatic system.

With over 120,000 followers on Instagram and an array of fierce, semi-nude pictures online – Carmen has become a strong voice for self-love and size inclusivity.

See more of her story in the video above.