Here's what the first space hotel will look like

Here's what the first space hotel will look like

If you've ever wondered what it might be like to sleep among the stars, we've all just been given a glimpse.

The Von Braun Station is a space hotel designed by the Gateway Foundation, and they plan to open it to guests by 2027.

The station will be a cruise ship-style hotel, sailing in low Earth orbit.

It will boast private rooms, restaurants and bars and even a gymnasium where guests can work out in low gravity.

Other components of the space station will be used for research and training.

It's expected that the space hotel will accommodate between 350 to 450 guests at any one time, and it is being designed to be 100% environmentally-friendly.

And now for the catch - it's going to cost quite a bit for a short stay.

But don't give up hope, the company behind it plans to lower the cost of a trip over time to make it more in line with a cruise ship holiday.

Find out more in the video above.

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