Zoo volunteer gives a deformed butterfly a wing transplant to help it fly again

This is the amazing moment a wildlife volunteer was able to save the life of a fragile butterfly - by carrying out an intricate wing transplant.

Katie VanBlaricum, 36, noticed a monarch butterfly with a piece of its wing missing while working at her local zoo. She immediately decided to try and repair the damaged wing fearing that without the insect would be put down.

Armed with a glass plate, tape and pins, Katie got to work and managed to hold down the butterfly long enough to glue on a piece of wing taken from a dead butterfly.

Just a matter of days later, the insect was up and flying again and Katie bid farewell to her new friend.

Katie explained: "I was helping the zoo tag the butterflies when a lady came up to me and said that one of them had a broken wing and said she would have to put in the freezer.

"I think we had a group of school children and one of them damaged it when trying to get it out of the net.

"I had already repaired a wing in the past so she asked me to help this one so I took it home with me."

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