Plane makes emergency landing because of smelly fruit

Air Canada Rouge Airbus A319 Inaugural Flight

A plane has been forced to make an emergency landing - after a piece of durian fruit stank out the cabin.

The Air Canada Rouge jet had left Montreal for a flight to Vancouver when a bizarre stink started to make life very difficult for the 245 passengers and eight crew on board the Boeing 767.

According to The Independent, cabin crew searched in vain for the source of the repulsive odour that had spread throughout the entire cabin.

When it couldn't be found, the pilots made a request for an emergency landing and even donned oxygen masks to smother the smell.

When the plane landed safely back in Montreal, a shipment of the stinky fruit was discovered in the forward cargo compartment.

The durian comes from Southeast Asia, and is infamous for its distinctive odour that is described as resembling sewage or vomit.

In fact, the fruit is banned in many hotels and on public transport in large swathes of Asia.

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