Only the clever cat gets to eat this time


A cat struggles to figure out how its new food puzzle works while its feline friend manages to immediately perfect it.

Sophie and Jasper were given a new food puzzle by their owners Jason and Hayley Browning, who were left in hysterics as they watched their pets attempt to remove food from the toy.

Jason, from Ohio in the United States,, told Newsflare: "Got a new food puzzle for my cats. Sophie figured it out immediately, while Jasper struggled to understand.

"Sophie, the tortoiseshell, is very food-oriented so we knew she'd figure it out right away. Jasper is our affectionate cat even if he's not so bright.

"He tried his hardest. Eventually, he did figure it out but it was too much work for him so he just waited for his normal food bowl to be filled.

"We were trying to contain our laughter when we were recording them."