Bridal fail: Wife falls from chair during wedding hora

Bridal fail: Wife falls from chair during wedding hora

Newlyweds Brittani and Robert Cornman planned their wedding for months.

But when the special day arrived, nothing seemed to go according to plan.

Anthony Garzillo, a co-worker of the groom, caught the moment at the reception in New York when the bride was hoisted up on a chair during the hora, only to fall off almost immediately.

The tumble seemed to be the icing on the wedding cake, the groom told Storyful.

"For starters, some of the tuxedos didn't fit the groomsmen," Cornman said.

"We forgot the marriage license and rings back at the hotel, and it was a 30-minute trip from the venue."

Cornman added that Brittani's fall was not even the first one of the day.

"Her sister fell down the stairs while making her grand entrance as the maid of honor," he said.

Robert said he and Brittani were caught by surprise when they were hoisted up, and he realized there were fewer people holding Brittani.

"I realized that I had 10 people holding me up and only 3 were holding her up," he said.

"Cut to the fall. She's up, then goes down, on top of her nephew Bryce, who's six-years-old."

Robert said he put a drink in Brittani's hand and checked that her nephew was okay.

"She gets up laughing in hysterics, and the boy was fine," Cornman said.

"I made sure she was good. She told me that's her luck that she would fall off a chair."

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