Woman dubbed 'miracle worker' after getting paralysed pooches walking again

Woman dubbed 'miracle worker' after getting paralysed pooches walking again

Dog-lover Claire-Louise Nixon has told how she shares her semi-detached house with her family - and a staggering 27 rescued pooches.

Claire-Louise, 48, rescues sick and paralysed dogs from around the world and cares for them at her humble home in Milton Keynes.

She says looking after the brood of canines is a full-time job and takes her from 6am until midnight each day.

Feeding them alone is a mammoth chore involving 15kg of biscuits and a complete crate of dog food every single day.

Eight of the dogs have to wear nappies, with little body suits to keep them in place, and they all need daily baths to keen them clean and infection free.

Claire-Louise said: "They're part of the family. The dogs have a free run of the house."

"They sit where they want and they sleep wherever they happen to fall asleep - often on our beds."

"The dogs arrive with the most horrible pasts. We give them love and a wonderful future. They come from all over the world but with me they are home forever."

"I'm really lucky in that all the neighbours have dogs themselves so we don't get complaints. And although 27 dogs sounds a lot, they are really quite well behaved."

Claire-Louise has been dubbed a 'miracle worker' after managing to get severely paralysed pooches up and walking again.

She cares for injured dogs from all over the globe - including some that have had their limbs blown off in war-torn areas and some who suffered horrific cruelty.

But no matter what condition the dogs arrive in, Claire-Louise is determined to get them walking again through intense physio sessions and time spent on wheels.

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