Video shows Northern Lights flickering in the sky above Northumberland

This incredible video shows the Northern Lights flickering in the night's sky - and was filmed from a British beauty spot.

Astronomer Adam Shore, 24, had been monitoring the sun's activity and knew that the conditions were just right for a spectacular light show.

He took himself off to Hadrians Wall, just outside his hometown of Hexham, Northumberland, and sat there in the dark - waiting.

Soon, Adam saw what he was looking for - a faint glow over Northumberland National Park - so he got out his camera and captured this incredible video.

He said: "With the naked eye it just looks like a faint flow, but the camera's lens is much more sensitive and it can capture the colours and shapes.

"You can predict when it will happen between two and three days accuracy, it was great to witness.

"I chose a spot that was incredibly dark so that it would be easier to see the lights."

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