Woman's cat spends all day, every day, at Tesco

A fat cat has made a branch of Tesco its new home - and even begs crisps from passing shoppers.

Spartacus, a nine-year-old black-and-white moggie, has been a staple sight to shoppers at Tesco Extra in Dunfermline, Fife, for the past few years.

The portly puss has piled on the pounds since adopting the supermarket as his new haunt, and customers even feed him Pringles.

Nicknamed the "Tesco cat", Spartacus can often be seen lying in the foyer of the shop in a bid to get shoppers to scratch his tummy or give him a treat.

'Spartacus never wants to spend time with him'

But his owner, Nicola Macpherson, 33, believes Spartacus' independent streak really came out when her toddler son, Hamish, aged three-and-a-half, was born.

Nicola, who lives around the corner from the shop, said: "Hamish would love to play with him but Spartacus never wants to spend time with him. I think he must not like the attention being on Hamish.

"He thinks Tesco is his home, all he has to do is jump over a fence to get there. He goes there for about 6am every day and returns home at around 10pm.

"Everyone seems to love him and he gets hugs from people and they also offer him food."

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