Pet cat fights poisonous cobra

This is the moment a fearless pet cat defended its owner's home by fighting off a poisonous cobra.

CCTV footage shows brave feline Chinni prowling up and down the veranda of owner Arun Chandru's house in Bangalore, southern India.

The curious cat spotted the deadly snake trying to enter the home, stopped moving, and then slapped it a couple of times.

A mighty battle ensued, and the video shows the reptile raise its hood and attack eight-month-old Chinni.

The cat continued to chase the cobra away, slapping it before he caught the snake's tail and carried it off.

Neighbourhood is full of toddlers and playing children

The cat is seen dragging the snake out of the house, while stunned toll booth operator Arun, 24, runs out to check on his brave pet.

Arun said the neighbourhood is full of toddlers and playing children - and is thankful that Chinni was there to get rid of the venomous reptile.

"Chinni is a brave cat and he saved us from approaching danger. My cat behaves hilariously all the time, but we came to know today that - apart from hilarious - he is brave too," he said.

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