Man saves kitten in the nick of time

Staff writer

Footage has merged from Russia showing the moment a heroic motorist spotted cute kitten in mortal peril and leapt into action.

The man was driving in the city of Sargatskoye, in central southern Russia, when he noticed the feline darting under a car that was about to pull away. Quick as a flash, the man was out of his car and plucking the cat from tarmac beneath the front of the idling vehicle.

And this wasn't the only fortunate feline to be rescued this week. Over in Thailand a quick-thinking schoolboy paddled a kayak along a canal to save a drowning kitten.

Natthawat Juchookate, 16, spotted the little kitten struggling to stay afloat on the waterway behind his school, alerted his teachers before commandeering a plastic boat moored on the side of the canal.

Heartwarming footage shows how Natthawat risked his own life in the flimsy kayak and paddled over to the cat to pull him out of the water. The soaking wet white kitten was saved and brought to shore before being taken to the vets where he was treated for a minor leg injury.

The cat has now been adopted by Natthawat and his classmates to be kept at the school.

They have named him 'Boonrod', which means 'lucky'.

Natthawat commented later: "I was walking back to school after going to see a doctor at the health centre when I first saw the kitten.

''I called for help and yelled and told the teacher. Then I untied the boat and started to paddle towards the cat. '

'I only saw something moving in the water. I didn't know what kind of animal it was until I reached closer and noticed that he was actually a cat.

"I'm glad I found him. I'm sure he is going to be loved and well taken care of by me and my friends from now on."

See the footage, featuring cheering classmates, below: