Beachgoers try to save a massive barrel jellyfish

This is the moment beachgoers tried to save a massive barrel jellyfish that washed up on to a beach.

The video shows several people selflessly dragging the marine animal back into the waters on Bovisand beach in Devon.

Though members of the public managed to heave the jelly back into the sea, James Weir, 18, said it washed up again an hour later - dead.

James, of Plymouth, said: "I was sat on the beach with my family and saw loads of people gathered around and I saw that there had been lots of barrel jellyfish recently, so I thought it was probably one of those.

'People tried to lift it but it was really heavy'

"I walked up with my camera and it was massive. It was really cool to see it, especially the tentacles.

"People tried to lift it but it was really heavy, it was pretty massive. There were lots of people touching it and then some dragged it out to sea.

"I think it was dead. After they took it out, an hour later it was back on the shore again."

There have been many instances of barrel jellyfish washing up on the beaches all over Devon, with sightings at Sidmouth, Exmouth, Dawlish and Lynton.

James, who sails, has said that he has spotted the barrel jellyfish on every outing this season but had never notice any in previous years.

He said: "I do a bit of sailing and every time I have sailed this season I think I have seen one in the water in Plymouth Sound by Drakes Island and other places. I have seen quite a few and I have never seen them before this year."

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