Inquisitive badger spotted roaming train station platform

Train in station

A badger at Stoke-on-Trent train station caught the attention of staff when it was spotted running along the platform on Sunday evening.

Ryan Meyrick, 25, saw the creature while working as a dispatcher at the station, and filmed its progress as it surveyed its new surroundings.

"It's a badger, oh my god there's a badger!" Ryan can be heard saying.

One Twitter user asked: "Did he miss his connection?", while another tweeted: "Employee of the month right there working hard."

"It's common for us to see foxes passing by but I've never seen a badger before!" Ryan told the PA news agency.

"It just ran down the platform and disappeared in the darkness."

says staff often see foxes in the station, but have never seen a badger before.

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