Schoolboy has grown a beanstalk to a massive 15FT

A five-year-old has grown a beanstalk to a whopping 15FT - making it as tall as his HOUSE.

Little Dominic Benford started nurturing the runner bean plant at school and now feeds it twice a day.

The five-year-old, from Trowbridge, Wilts., has seen the plant surge up the side of his parent's house.

He said: "I'm very surprised at how tall it has grown. It was only one feet tall when I brought it home.

"Dad Stewart Benford, 46, mum, Sara, 43, and brother Joshua, 9, are all helping Dominic.

Mr Benford, an online manager at Asda, said: "In the past 12 weeks it has grown and grown and grown with the daily watering he has done.

Schoolboy has grown a beanstalk to a massive 15FT

"At the current growth rate by this time next week, wind permitting, it will be as tall as our house."

He continued: "Both of my young sons have always enjoyed spending time in the garden with daddy as they have grown up.

"When Dominic got the bean home he asked if we could put it into a bigger pot and keep it put the front of the house with our other flower pot.

"When it got bigger, we put a bamboo cane in the pot to help it grow taller, but it just keeps shooting up.

"I had to put up a ladder for it to climb up. He waters it with a little watering can that we have given him."He just loves it and wants to do it every day. We have taken lots of beans from it.

"On the last day of the school term, he picked one to give to a teacher."

The beanstalk isn't Dominic's first green-fingered venture, either.

Last year he grew a sunflower that achieved a height of 18 feet.

Dominic, who goes to Castle Mead School, hopes to take a picture of the plant at the end of his summer and show his teacher.

Dominic is aiming to break the world record set in 2003 - but still has a way to go yet.

The world's tallest bean plant, owned by American Staton Rorie, stood at a staggering 46 feet three inches (14.1 metres).

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