Conjoined twins defy the odds in new home of Wales

For Marieme and Ndeye, every birthday is an extra special milestone. The conjoined twins weren't expected to live for more than a few days. Their father brought them to the UK from Senegal in the hope of a better life. Now they're settling into their new home in the Welsh capital, Cardiff.

Dad Ibrahima Ndiaye said: "From what the consultant told me, from the strength of their feet and their hips, there is no reason that they couldn't walk. There is no reason that they couldn't walk. So all of this is just subject to the fact that if they are healthy enough. So there is no reason for that not to happen."

There is hope that they will one day walk, but any hope of them being separated has been dashed. Doctors in London considered it only eight months ago. But, scans have shown that although the girls have separate hearts and spines, they share a liver, bladder and digestive system.

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