Travel firms Super Break and collapse

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The parent company of travel brands Super Break and has collapsed, affecting tens of thousands of travellers.

Malvern Group announced that it has ceased trading and warned that Super Break customers currently on holiday may be asked to pay again for their hotel, while future bookings are cancelled.

Some consumers will be financially protected by travel trade association Abta or the Civil Aviation Authority's Atol scheme, depending on what was included in their booking.

Those who bought gift vouchers or tickets to events or attractions have been told to seek a refund from their debit or credit card provider if that was how they paid.

York-based Super Break was established in 1983 and specialised in short city breaks in the UK and overseas, employing around 250 people.

Abta said the "vast majority of holidaymakers' arrangements" will be covered through one of a number of different types of financial protection.

Disgusting things hotel guests do
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Disgusting things hotel guests do
Reddit user and hotel worker OliverJamesIX says he wishes guests would think about the employees cleaning up after them when checking in for dirty weekends. "The amount of times a guest will have requested something, needed something fixed in their room or asked for room service, only to decide to f*** straight after they put the phone down leaving me stuck outside the door with that extra set of towels or walking into a room to fix something and seeing more than I ever needed too. Also bins are provided in bedrooms for a reason. Stop leaving used condoms, lube packets, discarded toys just all over the bed and tables."
"We had guests open the mini bar fridge, drink the beer, p**s in the empty bottle, screwed/put the cap back on and went on their merry ways," said hotel worker MistahZig. "Next client (old gentleman with his daughter) took a swill of p**s that day. Thing is, we had no idea which previous clients did this, which sucked." He added: "From that day on, I always twist beers open near my ear so I can hear that satisfying 'tssss' sound, just in case."

Reddit user undisclosed_lemons learned that a friendly couple were disgusting: "I used to be a manager at a hotel in a small town, I saw all kinds of sick things! I had an old couple who used all the towels, hand towels, and wash clothes to wipe there a**! I would occasionally help the maids and clean the rooms close to the front desk and I found the towels all waded up in the corner covered in c**p. Thing was, I like talking to that old couple too! That job taught me that all people are gross or have gross habits."

yushoi said she was a hotel room cleaner and hated "when guests put used untied condoms in the toilet, under pillows, under the bed, on the tea and coffee tray.. basically anywhere."

One hotel worker, armored-dinnerjacket, complained of the sneaky and rather disturbing things that guests do, including "taking a shit in one of the drawers and leaving it there." Ugh!
"When I was a housekeeper, someone got blood all over the sheets in one bed in the room, made it up to look like it hadn't been used, and mussed up the sheets on the other bed," said user Lost_in_GreenHills. "I was supposed to leave a bed alone if it hadn't been used, so I didn't know about the bloody sheets and I didn't change them. The next guest in that room arrived at 1am and crawled into the bed and fell asleep without even looking at the sheets. She saw the blood in the morning and was furious."
Hotel employee JimmyCarterDiedToday said that "masturbating in ice buckets" is the most disgusting things hotel guests do.
"I worked at two different hotels and the amount of guests who don't flush the toilet has always astonished and baffled me," said Jilltro. "Do people think that flushing is so arduous that if they're on vacation they're taking a break from it? How is flushing a toilet not a reflex?"
Former bellboy and maintenance guy shimmyfizzle recalls "finding a t**d in our pool. How does someone not mention this? If it was a kid, there should have been an adult there to witness it. It was pretty hard to miss."

One former employee said: "I worked in hotels years ago and the amount of people who order room service and answer the door scantily clad is astonishing. It's your room guy, if you want to lie around with your balls out that's totally fine just please, we give you a robe, throw it on before opening the door."


It understands Super Break had around 20,000 bookings involving approximately 53,000 people.

Around 400 people are currently on holiday but "they should be able to continue" with their trip as normal, Abta added.

Malvern Group expects reservations with to be secure as the website acted as an agent on behalf of accommodation providers and did not take any payments.

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