Three-quarters of people can't spot which of these shapes is the odd one out

This visual brainteaser really sorts the smart cookies from the rest of us, 75% will not be able to pick out the odd shape out and give the correct reason for doing so.

This logic puzzle, featuring five shapes that are all quite different from each other, can help determine your level of reasoning.

The shapes present are a red square with an outline, a red square, a red circle with an outline, a green square with an outline, and a small, red square with an outline.

Many are likely to choose the only shape that doesn't have an outline, incorrect.

Others may opt for the sole circle - wrong.

Did you choose the only shape that's green? Sorry, that's not right either!

Maybe you went for the the smaller square as the outlier? Nope, that's not right either

Watch to the end of the video above to discover the correct solution, then share the test with your friends and family to see if they are logical legends.

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