My 26-year-old model girlfriend is out of my league

A couple with a 28-year age gap are used to getting looks and stares when they go out in public - not least because she's a model and he's a 54-year-old who rides a mobility scooter.

Mason Reese, 54 and Sarah Russi, 26, don't look like your average couple. An adult model and cam girl, Sarah 'covers up' in hot pants and crop tops; while 4 ft 10 Mason is more comfortable in jeans and a shirt.

Mason, from New York, told Barcroft TV: "Truth of the matter is I don't see myself as being in her league, so when I look at a beautiful young 26-years-old adult model I don't think, "oh she is gonna be in love with me".

But what do their family think and can their relationship last? Find out in the video.

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