They were kayaking when something monstrous appeared below surface

Three friends from Gloucestershire, were kayaking on the River Severn when they made an incredible discovery that left them scratching their heads.

Kevin Brady, Steve Burgess and Alec Foster came across a 2-metre long and 68 kg tuna fish. Tuna don't live in the colder waters around the UK, but the three friends were so stunned that they had to film their incredible discovery.

According to the GentSide website, experts were not able to determine how it managed to find itself in the freshwater river. However, one theory is that, tidal bores pushed the fish upriver from the mouth of the Bristol channel.

Tuna don't typically inhabit British waters, but as temperatures continue to rise due to the climate crisis, it's possible that more of the giant fish could make their ways to our shores.

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