Despairing homeowner's wall been crashed into for fifteenth time

Homeowner's wall been crashed into for 15th time

A fed-up home owner has told how the wall to her grade II listed, £800,000 farmhouse has been demolished by careless motorists - a staggering 15 times.

Victoria Coldrey, 71, is currently waiting to have the brick and flint wall surrounding her 19th century home repaired after the latest driver lost control and struck it.

She said the driver of a Golf TDI fled the scene in the early hours of Sunday 12 May leaving her with £15,000 worth of damage to repair.

Since she moved into the property nearly 20-years-ago she has experienced fifteen collisions, which in turn have cost her around £210,000 in repair works.

The widow who lost her husband last year, told the Daily Mail: "It really is getting ridiculous.

"The wall was hit in the same place but more of it has been taken out this time.

"When these crashes happen bricks fly all over the place coming through the hedge and hitting the house.

"It takes around three months to build every time.

"It takes so long to fix. It has to be done by a specialist using lime mortar which means you have to wait for it dry."

Victoria lives in the only house on the road at Park Farm Corner, in Chippenham, which is a country road with a 60mph speed limit.

She added: "Every time a driver crashes the car, their car is off the ground and on top of the wall.

"I have had all kinds of drivers crash into my wall, often more men than women."

Homeowner's wall been crashed into for 15th time

Victoria also vented her frustration that she had been campaigning 'for years', appealing to Cambridgeshire County Council, the Parish Council, the police and her MP to put safety measures in place.

"They [the county council] just won't do anything, it is ridiculous. Not even a warning sign or road markings.

"if they changed the tarmac this would stop all problems. On the road nearby which kept having accidents, they changed it to non-slip tarmac and they haven't had any problems since. It is ridiculous.

"You would think that the highways would get the message by now. It is pathetic."

A Cambridgeshire County Council spokesperson said: "We are aware of the issues at Park Farm corner in Chippenham, and are working closely with the residents, parish council and police to identify suitable measures that can be put in place."

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