I'm not her mother, I'm her girlfriend

I'm Not Her Mother, I'm Her Girlfriend | Love Don't Judge

A couple with a 37-year-age gap, who get mistaken for a grandmother and granddaughter, have found love in spite of the judgement they face.

Julia Zelg, a 24-year-old YouTuber and singer met political correspondent Eileen De Freest, aged 61, on Tinder.

It was love at first sight and since their first date less than a year ago, the couple have become inseparable.

Taking their unconventional relationship to the next level, Julia and Eileen have moved in together and maintain the age gap has never been an issue.

The pair are planning their future together, with Eileen flying to Julia's home country Brazil to meet Julia's mother – who is eight years younger than Eileen - for the very first time.

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