This man didn't realise women's periods continue at night and Twitter is amazed

Lately we've been making progress in the drive to de-stigmatise periods. Not only have hospitals and schools pledged to provide free sanitary protection, a new period emoji is coming soon.

But it seems menstruation still has people a bit confused, particularly men. Earlier this year a man felt the full wrath of the Internet after claiming scraping your knees is more painful than period pain.

And, now the Internet has discovered just how little one man knew about a woman's monthly cycle.

When Twitter user Farah, from the US, told a male friend she bled through the night, he more than a little baffled.

It seemed he thought periods were a daytime only thing, and that women didn't actually bleed while they're asleep in bed. *Face palm*

In a shared screen shot of their text message convo, he told Farah that he didn't know it was possible for a woman to get periods over night.

A confused Farah, asked him how he thought it would only happen during the day. "You think our uterus waits for us to wake up?" she responded.

To which he replied that he thought the body shuts down during sleep. No words!

"You're 24 and you don't know vaginas bleed?" Farah fired back, before taking to Twitter to share her bemusement about the conversation.

Unsurprisingly Twitter was quick to react and since sharing, the tweet has clocked up more than 35.6K replies, many from women who had something to say about this amazing lack of knowledge.

But before we dismiss this man and others about their lack of period knowledge, a recent survey revealed that the male of the species are actually pretty clued up about women's monthly cycles.

Pharmaceutical company Teva spoke asked 5,000 straight men in relationships from different 12 countries in Europe how much they knew about women's menstrual cycles.

And found out that their knowledge was pretty accurate.

This article first appeared on Yahoo

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