New veggie Percy Pigs 'divide the nation more than Brexit'

The new vegetarian Percy Pigs are now gelatine-free. [Photo: Marks & Spencer]

It's official: all Percy Pigs sweets are now vegetarian, and the nation is not taking it lightly – with claims the issue is more divisive than Brexit.

The news broke this morning that Marks & Spencer have changed the recipe of the iconic British sweet to a vegetarian-friendly one.

If you have ever so much as set foot in an M&S supermarket – and, to be honest, even if you haven't – you will be familiar with the two-tone pink jelly sweet.

Traditionally, the British confectionary – created in 1992 – was made with pork gelatin, rendering them unsuitable for vegetarians.

A green-eared veggie version – made with beeswax and pea protein – was first created in 2011, available alongside the standard version.

However, a change to the Percy Pigs recipe means the standard sweet is now vegetarian. The brand new recipe is said to be made without gelatine at all, according to reports today in The Sun.

Now Percy Pig fans are in uproar on Twitter over having their choice taken away from them, and claiming the new standard veggie variety tastes different compared to the previous kind.

Controversial 'Good Morning Britain' host Piers Morgan – who infamously threw up a Greggs vegan sausage roll – has already weighed in on the issue.

"It's a pig, it's called Percy the Pig!," he ranted.

"Well get your own damn sweets! Seriously, vegans, vegetarians, go and get your own sweets."

However, not everyone is against the new Percy Pigs, with many celebrating the veggie-friendly norm and calling out the critics.

Marks & Spencers have gone to great lengths to appeal to its meat-free clientele, but the retailer hasn't always got it right.

Back in January, they were accused of cultural appropriation after launching a vegan biryani wrap.

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